Our stainless steel service center and our experienced technicians have been providing our valued customers with high quality products manufactured with high standards since 1990. Since the very opening, focusing on the development of our service standards and the level of product quality, we continue to sell stainless steel on 3500 square meters of the Dudullu industrial zone and machine park (+ PVC coating, steel trimming and cutting services), which have undergone an expansion in the period from 2007 to 2015. We have added a new line for cutting thick stainless steel (up to 10 mm), a line for cutting stainless steel of length (3.00 mm), a line for cutting small stainless steel strips, bright + PVC roll tape, and since 2015, our working area has grown to 8000 m2 and continues to expand. All our stainless steel products are imported from well-known stainless steel manufacturers such as Outokumpu, Acerinox, Arcelor, Thyssne Crupp, Lisco, Posco and Tang Eng.